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Shrek 4 - not bad...

Green Day
Saturday nights I am usually pretty wiped out because work on Saturdays tends to be exhausting.

So I like getting to see movies we missed in the theaters

So tonight we watched "Shrek: Forever After".

It was, in fact, not bad.

This is actually praise because I thought "Shrek The Third" was horrible (not seeing a lot of humor in a storyline which involves a parent dying).

I actually did not tell Dasha & Stella we had Shrek the Third on cable when they visited because I had watched it the night before I didn't think it was something I wanted them to see under my watch (if they saw it in Belarus - highly unlikely - I would not be making that decision.)

Then again, I think the whole "Shrek" series is over-sold. It is fine, but not brilliant and the animation is fine but not innovative. The anti-Disney jokes in the first two movies are okay, but again they beat it with Walt's frozen head too many times. <--- yes, I know that is actually not true.

So if they are free & are looking for something no-brain to watch Shreks 1, 2 & 4 get a luke-warm approval.

IF you want to watch a really good recent animated movie I highly recommend Despicable Me. I paid money for it in the theater AND I own the DVD. That is high praise from me.

NOH8 photo shoot on Monday in DC

dr. who
I am a horrible slacker and didn't post this earlier...

The NOH8 campaign will be doing a photo shoot in DC on Monday, May 30th.

Everyone seems to really like the photo of doubleplus & I we got done last year.

It is a good cause. 

If you are going, please ping us as we will probably go again....


no voice - again...

Green Day
hmmm. I am so frustrated. About 10 days ago I started to get a sinus infection. 

As frequently happens, I lose my voice - on & off - when ever I get a sinus infection. The big concern is that my vocal cords, which have never fully recovered from pneumonia in 2004 (even though I had various treatments).

People may remember I basically had no voice in late December 2008/all of January 2009.

I went to speech therapist, learned some new techniques, and while I would have the occasional issues, nothing long term.

Until the last 10 days.

But weirdly my voice seems to be okay in the afternoons. But mornings and in evenings/at night it is gone.

Today, I had to get trigger point injections inside my mouth (I've done this before) because of the horrible fibro pain. While not fun to get the injections, it works withing 2 days. I couldn't stand the face/mouth/temple pain anymore.

And now I have no voice at all.

We are not amused.

I need to remember to drink more water. Not that it will solve everything, but it is one of the things that is supposed to help.

Tea - yes, been doing that of course it is hard to think of drinking tea when it is 85o (Summer already - ugh).

Anything else I should be doing?


if you are a George RR Martin fan... :-)

Green Day
1) if you don't follow him, do so on livejournal

2) read his lj post for today (April 1st).



women's hat needed Friday night...

Green Day
I assume everyone reads the intercon group, but just in case not....

Sorry for the late request..

In "real life" I have short hair.

Not really 1905 ish (Clockwork Cafe).

Does anyone have a women's hat I can borrow for the game on Friday night? Ideally it would be cream, or ivory, or purple, lavender, or have those colors in it.

But something that would look okay with a light lavender dress would be awesome.

Ping me if you can help.



Jennifer Barker's dad...

banging head computer
I think everyone who knows Jennifer is also on FB, but just in case you missed it...

Jennifer's father died on Saturday afternoon. Jennifer was able to be there. But it still sucks.

Mark posted the following on facebook:

Jen's dad's memorial service is Saturday February 5th, Visitation 1pm - 3:30 pm;
Service 3:30-4.
Copeland Funeral Home, New Paltz, NY
Donations can be made to
Mark & the girls are also up in New Paltz with Jennifer.


Happy Birthday!

Obama notebook
A big Happy Birthday to [info]markbark  !!!!!

May your next orbit around the big yellow circle in the sky be nominal :-)

Green Day
Only 2 chances left to see Frost/Nixon in Northern VA Come & see me in 3 different wigs! 70s clothing! Great script.

It is a very neat play. And it got good reviews. Huzzah! :-)


Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday to[info]jltraut !!!!!!!!!

play I'm in the next 3 weekends

jesus, billyjoe, concert
 Hi all! I hope this email finds you well.

So the next three weekends I am in a play. It is a really great play, Frost/Nixon.

I have three 3 small parts in the play (which is okay with me!).

A couple things. This upcoming weekend (like Friday!) is opening weekend.

I have discount coupons for $5 off - email or call me to get a ticket (you need 1 ticket per person). The discount tickets are just for this weekend!

Also, McLean Community Players is having a FREE party after the show on Friday at the Community Center. Free Beer & Wine - how can you go wrong? ;-)

If you need to reach me, best to call! Between work and the play I am not at a computer a lot. ;-)




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